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The Mint

The Mint






Place de la Monnaie, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium<br />


15.000 m² - 20 shops




The Mint, 15.000 m² and 20 shops,  is one of AG Real Estate’s most exciting projects to date in Belgium, involving the total transformation of the Monnaie complex in downtown Brussels into 15.000 m² of the best retail divided into 20 units.

The Mint brings shopping to a whole new level by appealing to Brussels’ hyper-connected, urban-oriented Generation Y. A ribbon made of glass wraps around the facade, concealing the many high-tech shopping, dining and entertainment options inside.

The Mint capitalises on the city’s grand plan to revitalise central Brussels by pedestrianising adjacent streets and improving key metro stations including De Brouckère, located at the lower level of the building, as well as the 600 underground parking spaces.

The Mint is ideally located at the top of Rue Neuve, one of Belgium’s busiest retail districts attracting 15 million shoppers per year. Moreover, the area’s popularity is only expected to increase as the Brussels’ population is expanding and the city is maintaining its status as a tourist destination.


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