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Urban issues and opportunities drive our developments

Urban Issues

Demography & Urbanisation
Liveable Districts, Good Density & Urban Inclusion
Sustainability & Resilience
Decarbonisation, Circular Economy & New Mobility
Democracy & Communication
Transparency, Partnerships & Leadership
urban illu
Social Inequalities & Living Together
Housing Affordability, Job Offering & Education
Economy & Real Estate
Mixed-Use, One space multiple uses & Hybrid Cities

COVID-19 accelerated changes in all assets classes and the shift towards a new urban paradigm

« Following a Human centric approach for safer & healthier spaces… reinventing new life experiences… reconnecting people with people and nature… optimizing the quality and use of spaces… bringing back meaning in urban life »
Demography & Urbanisation

From “Overcrowded Cities”

Towards “good” density : Mixed-use, connected, liveable, green, planned, designed, spacious, appropriate, cohesive, …

Democracy & Collaborative governance

From Populism, fake news, mistrust and withdrawal into oneself

Towards Corporate engagement and citizen participation to achieve strong and effective partnerships

Sustainability & Durability

From “Polluted Cities” with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and rising temperatures

Towards “NetZeroCarbon Cities” by accelerating ‘clean’ mobility, circular and local economies

Urban mobility

From Congested city & “increasing mobility”

Towards New approach to urban space, investment in active or softmobility infrastructure (cycle paths, pedestrianisation, …) & “improving accessibility”

Social impact

From Minorities and vulnerable populations hardest hit again

Towards Social cohesion and integration by building back better, decent, safe, inclusive and healthy housing and neighbourhoods

Economic impact

From Sharp drops in economic activity, employment and city tax revenues

Towards Rethinking leadership and vision, public-private investments, Branding, Business Friendliness & Catalyst projects

The Digitalisation boost & Technology

From Digital divide, one of the many inequalities

Towards Bringing many changes in the way companiesin all sectors and regions do business and people work, live, consume.

“Better urban development makes easier access to urban amenities, public spaces and services while ensuring the safety and health of residents”

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