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Rue Kléber

Rue Kléber






92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France



Acquired in 2019 following a consultation by France Télévisions, the former
the former headquarters of the France 5 channel is being redevelopment to accommodate an office building office building to the latest standards. Located close to the city centre and its renewal, the renewal, the building is located at the intersection of intersection of three urban arteries.

Its architecture is characterised by a double the archetypal house for its general form, and the and that of the concrete and glass grid, which and the concrete and glass grid, which gives it the contemporary codes of the tertiary sector. A planted base completes and enhances and enhances the architecture by redistributing green green spaces on the three sides of the project and creating a form of distance between public between public and private spaces.
Its design makes it a flexible and modular object to ensure the durability of the spaces and to respond to the evolution of occupations.
The building is integrated into its environment so that the amenities of the city centre contribute to improving the quality of life and the uses of the building, which is at the centre of the reflection.

The project also has strong environmental ambitions and wishes to limit nuisances during the construction phase: conservation of infrastructures, structural grid in prefabricated concrete, circular economy.

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