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L’Alliance – The Genesis

L’Alliance – The Genesis






Boulevard de France 3-5, 1420 Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium


6,000 m²




L’Alliance Business Park, a development of Axa and Fortis, is a unique model of multifunctional park. On a surface of 60 hectares, the park stretches out 150,000 m² dedicated to offices, i.e. more than 25 buildings, from which a third has already been developed.

The Genesis is a new generation of office building that takes comfort and efficiency to new levels. It is the first passive building in the province of Brabant Wallon. It filters nature’s gifts and shares her resources without extravagance or waste.

The high-quality finish in glass, wood and stone, much of it sourced locally, sits in perfect peace with the green parkland surroundings. The result is a premium working environment that meets the demands of man and nature, instilling a feeling of balance and wellbeing.

The Genesis sets new standards for sustainability and energy efficiency, aiming for the coveted “excellent” BREEAM certification.

The building is cooled in summer by exterior shading mechanisms and night ventilation, with extra cooling by water-condensed refrigeration. Heating is provided by air-water heat pump combined with a gas-condensing boiler. The ambient temperature is maintained by mechanical ventilation operated by centralized air treatment with heat recovery. The building’s use of resources is carefully managed by the central control system. Heat and cooling production, ventilation, window opening, exterior shading, intensity of lighting and the use of rain and mains water are all optimized centrally. Low-energy elevators, high-efficiency lighting and the latest glass insulation technology have been applied for maximum energy efficiency.

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