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L’Alliance – Buildings A B C

L’Alliance – Buildings A B C






Boulevard de France 7 - 1420 Braine l'Alleud<br /> <br />


A : 3,000 m² ; B : 3,000 m² ; C : 2,000 m²




L’Alliance Business Park, a development of AG Real Estate and AXA REIM, is a unique model of multifunctional park. On a surface of 60 hectares, the park stretches out 150,000 m² dedicated to offices, i.e. more than 25 buildings, from which a third has already been developed.

With an exceptional accessibility from the ring road, the site also perfectly allies offices and residential areas, some restaurants and leisure infrastructures while sooner or later integrating a shopping center and a hotel.

This open and well-organized area with its buildings located around little squares, wooded paths and avenues, ornamental ponds and gardens forms a serene and harmonious entity.

The wise choice and perfect combination of the building materials, as well as the light stone used on each building, and the architecture intentionally different of each building generate an exceptional park in its genre.

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